Raptors of the World


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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 17 сен 2001. -993 стр. Определитель хищных птиц мира (на английском). В определителе представлены 313 видов хищных птиц, 2115 оригинальных цветных иллюстраций, в том числе 1135 - птиц в полёте. The newest addition to the highly regarded Helm Identification Series, which includes Seabirds ("unparalleled achievement," "best bird guide of any kind or of any generation," "sets the standard of excellence") and Shorebirds ("a superb guide," "a landmark volume"). One of the most eagerly awaited bird books in recent decades, Raptors is the first complete identification guide to all the birds of prey of the world. Each of the 313 species is described thoroughly and accurately, and every plumage and variation is shown in more than two thousand color illustrations plus hundreds of black-and-white drawings. Both large-scale and small-scale range maps show in detail where each species has been found. Like all the other identification guides in the Helm series — including Seabirds, Shorebirds, Warblers of the Americas, Waterfowl, Woodpeckers, and Sparrows and Buntings — Raptors is the definitive book on its subject. The birds of prey are arguably the most fascinating group of birds for birders and nonbirders alike, and Raptors will be an essential reference for anyone with an interest in birds.
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